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Chance to buy a not-so-big home in one
of Westlake's pricest neighborhoods

You are looking at a vanishing breed--a rare combination of three features: close-in location; big lot, and a not-so-big residence. This small residence is surrounded by more expensive houses, many in excess of two million dollars.

Fast Facts About The Home
The residence has 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 living areas, office and approximately 1,944 square feet (per TCAD). The home is all on one level, and includes a side-entry, 2-car garage. The wooded, hillside lot is .64 of an acre. Utility costs are very low here.

How The Owners Created An Open Floorplan
Some years back, the owners did extensive remodeling with one goal: to create an open design. Swing open the front door here, and the light-filled rooms just spill out in front of you--the foyer, living room, kitchen and dining areas all flow together. Instead of being obstructed by walls, these spaces are now divided by nothing but columns and changes in ceiling heights.

Flooring was replaced with oversized tiles in the living areas--bedrooms and hallways now have bamboo flooring. Both bathrooms are small but have been upgraded with copper sinks and modern fixtures. The home has been recently painted on the inside. The kitchen has been updated with current model stainless appliances, freshly painted vintage cabinets, tile counters and tumbled stone backsplashes.

About The Lot and Neighborhood.
Hidden Away In A Woodlands Setting
Dear reader, you may reach for your checkbook the instant you see this vest pocket neighborhood. If you want a quick visual that will take your breath away, plug this address into Google® maps and use the satellite option--about all you see is a sprawling swath of green space--a tapestry of connected canopies of trees. Poking through the treetops are glimpses of a sprinkling of rooftops. It is pristine, rugged hill country terrain. If you love the feeling of being surrounded by nature when you go on vacation, just imagine living right in the middle of it! Just driving to this home is exciting. When you turn off Westlake Drive onto Terrace Mountain your car will be swallowed into a forest-like setting. The homes back in this area are on the upper ridge lines. Only a handful of other streets feed off of Terrace Mountain, and their names are suggestive of this woodlands setting--streets like "Wild Basin, Canyon View, Spurlock Valley, and Wildcat Hollow."

When you arrive at this address, you will relish the sense of privacy. The home sits way off the street and up the hillside. All of the homes in this area are on oversized lots with the natural, rolling terrain intact.

And here is something you can't fully experience until you visit the house: All of the trees on the front section of the lot took root at street level, but the home is at the higher elevation up the hill. The way the house is built into the hillside, your view through the windows puts you right in the middle of the treetops.

Now stop for a moment and imagine this scenario. Pretend you've had one of those bone-crushing, teeth-gnashing, stress-packed days at the office. Non-stop meetings. Reports to complete. Deadlines to meet. Somebody was calling, texting or emailing all day long. Live here and you can look forward to this. When pulling into the driveway, shut off your phone. Haul your pitiful self to the bedroom and put on comfortable clothes. Fire up some relaxing music on your sound system. Open all the doors and windows so the breeze and music can waft through. Pour a glass of wine and sit outside on the deck with your sweetie and listen to the wind weave its way through the treetops. Catch a glimpse of the sunset through the treetops and get ready to do some stargazing. Ahhh, just thinking about it eases your breathing doesn't it? (This gets even better when a rainstorm starts pattering through the tree canopies).

If you have older relatives who will visit but can't contend with stairs, this home is well-suited because the house itself is all on one level. If you study the floorplan on page 2, there is an interesting design feature. Technically, the home has four bedrooms; Bedroom 4 is a bit small to serve as a sleeping area. However, it is ideal for other modern day uses. It would be perfect for a home office. yoga studio or nursery. What could you do with this private space?

Is There A Dora-The-Explorer In Your Family?
New research by the Child Mind Institute shows there are amazing benefits that come from connecting children to nature. To a young child this .64 of an acre will seem like a forest. There are rocks and trees to climb. A wet-weather arroyo to discover. There are native grasses. Foliage that turns bright orange in the fall. And guess what lives in this ecosystem? Lots of cute animals. Raccoons. Possums. Squirrels. It is not unusual to see a spotted fawn following its mother through the yard when they are born. There is a small, flat section of land just behind the house. On that spot you could place a fort or tea house. Imagine a child having her own woodlands "house" to fire her imagination. Maybe it is here she learns to love reading by getting lost in a Harry Potter book. It is very trendy these days to send a young person to coding camp, but don't forget the long term benefit of exposing a child to something other than a screen.

Summary: Here is a chance to snag a small home right in the heart of this desirable section of town. The house has already had some expensive remodeling that results in a free-flowing design you can enjoy the day you move in or you could do additional updating later if you like. Just in case you are not completely familiar with Austin yet, keep in mind just how close-in this location is to downtown Austin. You can easily reach the art, music, theater and restaurant districts without having to get on a single freeway. Per Google® Maps, it is just 5.6 miles from this home to Congress Avenue downtown.

How To See This Home: The sellers are represented by Stan Barron Properties. However, to set an appointment, you must contact your own agent to set an appointment. Please make sure this is the right price for your budget, and that you like the home' size. Serious inquiries only please.




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